Membership in the Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock/Michigan Chapter is open to both men and women and is by invitation only; existing members sponsor new members. The reason for this approach is twofold. First it has been part of our tradition since 1940. Second, we want to know that new members are dedicated to teaching youth and are not motivated by opportunities to meet potential new clients or other commercial interests.

If you know an existing member, let them know of your interest and they can get you a membership application. If you do not know a current member, please let us know of your interest through the “Contact Us” feature on this website and we will do what we can to help you become a member. Also be advised that you may attend and sponsor a youth to one campfire as non-member to understand, first hand, what we are about. In this case, normal registration fees apply. After that event you are expected to apply for membership before continuing.

Membership in our Michigan Chapter requires payment of our chapter annual dues, which are $30.00 per year. (Dues for members who are also FFF members are reduced to $25.00 per year when they provide their FFF member number.) Members of the Brotherhood from other chapters are always welcome and encouraged to participate in our chapter events. Our members are also encouraged to join both the FFF and the original Maryland Chapter, but these memberships are optional.

Please remember our motto, “It’s for the kids!”

Note: The Membership Brochure on the above menu is formatted to print on 8 1/2 by 11 letter paper. Simply print the brochure on both sides of the same sheet using the print function of your browser, fold the page into thirds, and you have a convenient summary of our organization for handout to interested adults or youth.