Our Creed

WE WHO LOVE ANGLING, in order that it may enjoy practice and reward in the later generations, mutually move together towards a common goal – the conservation and restoration of American game fishes.

TOWARDS THIS END we pledge that our creel limits shall always be less than the legal restrictions and always well within the bounty of Nature herself.

ENJOYING, AS WE DO, only a life estate in the out of doors, and morally charged in our time with the responsibility of handing it down unspoiled to tomorrow’s inheritors, we individually undertake annually to take at least one boy a-fishing, instructing him, as best we know, in the responsibilities that are soon to be wholly his.

HOLDING THAT MORAL LAW transcends the legal statutes, always beyond the needs of any one man, and holding that example alone is the one certain teacher, we pledge always to conduct ourselves in such a fashion on the stream as to make safe for others the heritage which is ours and theirs.